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Last blog post was published June 2021

2020.09.29 | Fællesadministration

We must not forget the SDDs despite COVID-19!

Even though many of us are again working from home due to the COVID-19 situation, the annual staff development dialogues, or SDD, are still important. These dialogues are absolutely central to ensuring our continued development as employees – and thus AU’s development as well.

2020.08.27 | Fællesadministration

The administration to play key role in new climate initiatives

In spring, AU announced its ambitious climate strategy; now work is beginning to bring the strategy to life. Already this autumn, the first green projects will be rolled out, and several technical and administrative employees will be playing a central role in getting the strategy off to a good start.

2020.06.29 | Fællesadministration

The coronavirus is pushing our working lives at AU in a new direction

In my last blog post, I encouraged you to share what lessons you think we should learn from the shutdown. Several of you did so – and this is valuable input to the senior management team that we’ll draw on in the ongoing process of developing AU as a workplace.

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