Approximately 5-10 per cent of the green areas at AU will be earmarked for biodiversity to benefit flora and fauna. Read more on this page.

The biodiverse areas are part of the overall vision at AU for sustainable development of the campus, and they can also be used in teaching about ecosystems and plant and animal species, or as a meeting point for social activities where people can relax or find inspiration.

It is important that the areas can coexist with, and contribute positively to, the overall experience of the university's unique campus areas.

Biodiverse areas at AU


The following areas have been selected for biodiversity:

  • A number of areas in the University Park and other sites in Aarhus
  • An area in Emdrup
  • An area on the Påskehøjgaard experimental fields in Ølsted.
  • There are also two biodiverse areas called Fuldt Flor. One located close to the Department of Bioscience and the other along the watercourse behind the Lakeside Lecture Theatres.

AU Garden

At the intersection of Nordre Ringgade and Trøjborgvej in Aarhus, lies the small AU Garden, where a group of students and employees who are passionate about plants and biodiversity spend their time. 

Read more about the AU Garden