Organisation and networks

On this page, you can read about the organisation behind the work with AU's sustainability and about the sustainable networks/collaborations that AU participate in. 

AU Green Team

A Green Team has been established to support the AU Green Network as well as working with Aarhus University's climate strategy and the implementation of this.

If you have any questions about the climate strategy, please contact Susanne Hejlsvig

AU Green Network

#AUGreen is a network of ambassadors in which all students and employees interested in helping to make AU more green are encouraged to participate.

Working group

A working group consisting of students and staff has been responsible for contributing to the development of a sustainability strategy (later renamed climate strategy) for Aarhus University from 2020 to 2025. The strategy defines a framework for the university’s efforts to promote its environmental sustainability and contains an action plan detailing how the strategy will be realised. The working group had an obligation to consider contributions from an internal sustainability seminar (held on 21 March 2019) and contributions from the AUSustainability network.

The strategy was submitted for consultation at the university primo 2020 and was approved by the AU board on 1. April.  

The composition of the working group 
The working group consists of eight members: four researchers, two students and a technical and an administrative staff member. The researchers were nominated by the four faculties, and the students were nominated by the Green Student Movement and the Student Council, Conservative Students and Free Forum.

Maja Kofod Jensen

Niklas Stoyan Hornbæk Knoth

  • Studerer diplomingeniør i bygningsteknik med speciale i miljø
  • Studenterrådet

Networks and collaborations

Aarhus University is a participant in the following sustainable networks/collaborations:


If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to or contact one of us: