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Afholdte arrangementer

ons 28 nov
13:00-13:00 | Aarhus University
Churches and Civil Society - New challenges for organization and leadership
The conference aims to present and discuss research on the questions of relations between churches and civil society.
fre 23 nov
13:00-19:00 | Aarhus Universitet, Faculty of Arts, Tåsingegade 3, Auditorium 1, bygning 1441, Aarhus C
Doktordisputatsforsvar: Kirke og kirkestruktur i middelalderens Danmark
Med henblik på erhvervelse af den filosofiske doktorgrad (dr.phil.) forsvarer Jakob Kieffer-Olsen, ph.d. sin doktordisputats: Kirke og kirkestruktur i middelalderens Danmark.
tir 30 okt
15:00-16:30 | Mogens Zielerstuen
Kom til fyraftensmøde med professor MSO David Budtz (AAU)
Hvordan styrker vi anerkendelsen og brugen af humanistisk viden i samfundet?
fre 26 okt
09:00-16:00 | Moesgaard Museum, Moesgård Allé, 15, 8270 Højbjerg
CHAT ACT: Agency, Action and Advocacy
26 - 28 October 2018. CHAT ACT will focus on the roles, aims and methods of historical and contemporary archaeology in an increasingly polarised contemporary.
ons 03 okt
15:00-17:00 | Richard Mortensen Stuen, 1422, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2
How can we work with case competition at AU?
Join the new AU Case Competition Network and get inspiration as well as tools for working with cases from an international capacity in case competition.
ons 26 sep
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus University
EARTHBOUND - The Multispecies Paradigm Shift
Sep. 26-29. EARTHBOUND is an international symposium where people from diverse walks of life will gather around the urgent and universal topic: the state of the planet, and question what climate changes and the so called Anthropocene do to the thoughts, worldviews and actions of human beings.
tir 25 sep
09:00-18:00 | Moesgaard Museum, Moesgaard Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg
The Archaeometallurgical Perspective of Bronze Age Scandinavia
This international workshop, financed by the Independent Research Fund Sapere Aude programme, shall unite the research done around Scandinavian metal trade and aims to present a united picture for the trajectory of the metal trade over the course of the entire Bronze Age.
ons 19 sep
15:00-18:00 | Aarhus Universitet, Bygning 1441, auditorium 113
Præsentation og diskussion af 'Kampen om mennesket'
ved Frederik Stjernfelt og David Budtz Pedersen (Humanomics Research Centre, AAU)
ons 19 sep
09:00-18:00 | Aarhus University
China Emerges as a Global Power
A broad range of China expertise will initiate multi-disciplinary dialogues on the nature of China’s emergence as a global power and its implications for Denmark, taking into consideration business opportunities, cultural encounters and political challenges.
ons 12 sep
14:15-15:30 | Aarhus University, building 1414/ 012.
Cosmopolitan Humanism: Alterity, Difference and the Singular Plural Community
Special Guest Lecture by Cheryl Mattingly

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