Explorative lunch meeting #3: Bridging the gap: responsive molecules in a responsive body?

Explorative lunch meetings at the Faculty of Arts #3: The natural sciences see living beings as complex “molecular communities” with emergent properties that arise due to the enormous arrays of connections and interactions within and between cells.

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Torsdag 15. september 2022,  kl. 12:00 - 14:30


Aarhus University, Building 1453-415

Cells are adaptive and sensitive to their environment and they continually exchange information and material with their neighbors in a dynamic process that combines rapid change with deep and slow transitions. Can this kind of co-existence tell us something about our responsiveness as individuals? In other words, can the mixture of harmony and discord that exists at the biological level be used to gain a deeper understanding of how we relate to each other as human beings? How does this relate to the phenomenological idea about the body as responsive? This is usually understood epistemologically. In this potential network we aim to reflect on the ethical implications of this view for the natural sciences and humanities.

The lunch will encourage open, cross-disciplinary dialogue and feature the following speed-talks: 

  • ARTS: Associate Professor, Ulrik Nissen, Ethics and philosophy of religion, Dept. of Theology and Professor II in theological ethics, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society: The responsive body
  • NAT: Professor Daniel Otzen, Nanobiotechnology, iNANO, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics: Responsive molecules and cells