Special information for PhD students

University elections will be held at AU from 11 to 14 November. As a PhD student, you are eligible to vote for representatives to the AU Board, your academic council, your PhD committee and you Board of Studies.

(The elections of academic staff as well as technical/administrative staff for the Academic council at ST will be postponed to 2020 due to organisational changes.)

Vote for the following:

This year, PhD students (both enrolled and employed) can vote for candidates to the Board, the Academic Councils and the PhD committees. If you are enrolled in a master’s programme as well as at a PhD programme you can also vote for the Boards of Studies. 

Gain influence on your work and study conditions

The university elections are your chance to influence decisions regarding your PhD programme and your workplace through the university’s democratic decision-making bodies.

PhD students have the right to be represented at PhD committee meetings, which gives them voting rights. But this requires that representatives stand for election and get voted in.

Check your voting rights

Check your voting rights well in advance of the election. You can do so by logging in to the election system with your user ID and your password for the self-service system (mit.au.dk). When you are logged in to the election system, you can see whom you can vote for and when. 

Go directly to the login page in the election system

New PhD students, who enroll in their PhD programmes after 1 October, should contact the Election Secretariat at valg@au.dk to be assigned voting rights.

When to vote?

You can cast your vote electronically at au.dk/en/elections during the election period 11 November at 9:00 – 14 November at 16:00.Log on to the system with your user ID and password for the self-service system (mit.au.dk). You cannot vote by post or by paper ballot.