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On 5 December 2019, 12 noon CET, we disable access to PhD-Planner for all users. We are transitioning PhD-Planner from one service provider to another. This requires a complete shut down of PhD-Planner.

Users who already are logged in will be able to continue to work until 4:00 PM, CET, but new login attempts will not be possible. We strongly encourage those users who at that time are logged in to stop working in PhD Planner before 4:00 PM, CET in order to ensure data integrity.

We expect to be back online no later than Monday 9 December 2019, 8:00 AM, CET.

Log on to the PhD Planner here:

What is the Phd planner for:

  • To give an overview of your PhD education
  • To align expectations between the PhD student and the main supervisor regarding the PhD project, courses, dissemination (teaching), stay abroad etc.
  • A tool for the Graduate School to follow/make sure your PhD education is satisfactory and lives up to the PhD order and our Rules and Regulations
  • Output for your diploma supplements  

In case of questions related to the PhD Planner, please contact the PhD administration at

1443868 / i40