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Aarhus BSS Studies Administration

Aarhus BSS Study service:

Tåsingegade 3, building 1443, room 021

Aarhus BSS Studies administration handle planning of exams and teachings, student counselling, recruitment of students, casework and service for board of studies quality assurance, and other administrative tasks related to all educations at Aarhus BSS.

Aarhus BSS studies administration is organised in 5 main sections:

  • Board of Studies Support and Studies Quality Assurance
  • Course and Exam Administration
  • International
  • Guidance and Study Information
  • Study planning 

You can find the list of students within each section below. Furthermore, you can find an overview of the team organisation at BSS Studies (only in Danish).

Head of Study Administration

Anni Bækgaard Langberg

Head of studies administration
H bldg. 1443, 116
P +4523356857

Board of Studies Support and Studies Quality Assurance

NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobileBuilding
Andersen, Linda EsmannStudy, 023
Bak, DitteStudy, 016
Bech-Larsen, AnetteStudy, 020
Bunk, Susanne VestergaardStudy, 129
Christensen, Lisbeth SonneStudy, 016
Eriksen, Ida RavnBoard of Studies, 117
Falsig, HanneBoard of Studies, 121
Fisker, Stine KoudalStudy, 020
Fuglsang, Tine Haugsted!!Studienævnssupporterthfu@au.dk8715 21761444
Kleist, ChristineStudy Supporterchristinedyrup@au.dk1444, 020
Kristensen, Klaus MorsStudy, 125
Lindhardt, TinaStudy, 017
Meilandt, MetteStudy, 023
Møller, Lasse DamgaardStudy, 018
Nyfeldt, MereteStudy Supporter (maternity leave), 020
O'Halloran, Kevin GaardeStudy, 125
Olesen, Janne HøjrisBoard of Studies, 117
Schmidt, Christine BrinkStudy, 023
Sejrsen, Anne EliassonBoard of Studies, 121
Skov Anhøj, Anne!!Studienæ, 123
Tranberg, Merete Lund!!Studienæ, 117
Troelsgaard, Renée HøjgaardStudy, 016
Ulfkjær, CecilieStudy, 017
Veje, SofieStudy, 123
Winkler, Thue SebastianBoard of Studies, 119
Witte, Morten BuhrkalStudy, 016

Head of Section

Course and Exam Administration

NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobileBuilding
Aronro, TinaStudy, 144
Bligaard, BoletteStudies, 134
Borup, Helle WintherStudy, 133
Duus, Margit DamborgDepartmental, 130
Hall, Katrine PinholtStudy, 131
Hansen, Bente ØstergaardStudy, 139
Hasselflug, PernilleStudies, 131
Holmslykke, MariannHead of, 127
Jensen, Helle GabrielStudies, 135
Jensen, Vibeke, 129
Kortsen, Runa H.Study, 144
Krøyer, HelleStudy, 137
Nielsen, Gitte LilliendahlStudy, 134
Nielsen, Karin MøllerStudies, 139
Petersen, MarianneStudy, 144
Rasmussen, Louise BonneStudy, 134
Slotsdal, Julie RauertStudy, 144

Head of Section

Mariann Holmslykke

Head of section
H bldg. 1443, 127
P +4521657664
P +4521657664

Guidance and Study Information

NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobileBuilding
Christensen, Malene CarøeStudent Services
Christensen, Nikoline OhnemusStudent, 033
Karlsen, Dennis HaarupStudent, 033
Kornum, Julie DrejerStudent
Nielsen, Kathrine RaagaardStudent, 031
Odder, Mette BakStudent, 1005
Palmgreen, LouiseStudent, 033
Pedersen, Lene BirkegaardStudent, 035
Pedersen, Lene MereteStudent, 035
Pold, Marie Louise BroStudent, 031
Qvistgaard, JesperHead of, 039
Starup, MortenStudy Service, 021

Head of Section

Jesper Qvistgaard

Head of section
H bldg. 1443, 039
P +4521998631
P +4521998631


NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobileBuilding
Andreasen, Christina AagaardInternational, 041
Jazmin, RainierInternational, 041
Jeppesen, Anne MøllerInternational, 034
Jørgensen, NinaInternational, 034
Lassen, LouiseStudent Workerlol@au.dk1443
Møller, Lena TarpgaardInternational, 1005
Pedersen, Lene BirkegaardStudent, 035
Pedersen, Lene MereteStudent, 035
Qvistgaard, JesperHead of, 039
Raalskov, JetteInternational, 037
Riggelsen, LineInternational, 037
Rosenbeck, Katrine BreumInternational, 034

Head of Section

Jesper Qvistgaard

Head of section
H bldg. 1443, 039
P +4521998631
P +4521998631
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