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Training stay at a European partner institution

Employees at Aarhus University can apply for a grant for a study visit or job shadowing at an Erasmus partner institution.

Training stays include the following types of activities:

  • Stay at a company in an LLP country (Erasmus Life Learning programme).
  • Study stay at an Erasmus partner institution. Both the home and the host institution must have an Easmus University Charter and a bileral agreement must be in place.
  • Courses, including language courses and seminars. The grant cannot be used to cover course fees.
  • The grant cannot be used for conferences.

The stay must last between 2 days and 2 months (excluding transport). However, the grant can only cover up to 12 days + 2 travel days.

The grant is approx. EUR 800 per training stay, but the amount may vary depending on the country and the duration of the stay.


There is no application deadline. You only need to apply at least 1 month before your stay.

Distribution of grants

The grants are allocated based on a principle of diversification, so that employees from as many faculties as possible share in the funds. Also, priority will be given to first-time applicants. Particular attention is paid to whether the candidate is working with international relations at AU, and whether the stay includes an international future perspective.

You can expect an answer to your application within one month. 

You will receive a contract via e-mail. The contract must be signed and returned to the International Centre. The department/school account number to which the grant should be transferred must be specified in the contract.

Before the stay

Prior to the stay abroad, you must draw up a work programme, which must be approved by both your department and the Erasmus partner institution. The work programme must, among other things, describe the aim and benefits of the stay. It is the employee’s own responsibility to ensure the host institution’s agreement to the visit.

The work programme must be approved and signed by your department, the host institution and the grant recipient, and forwarded to the International Centre.

After the stay

After the stay you must:

  • Fill out an online report form. You will receive further information via email.
  • Submit a Certificate of Attendance, which has been signed by the host institution, to the International Centre.
  • Submit a travel expense reimbursement claim via AURUS.  If the travel expenses are smaller than expected, the size of the grant may be smaller than the sum originally awarded.

Grant payment

The grant is paid upon completion of the stay abroad. Once the proper documentation has been received, the Erasmus staff mobility grant will be transferred to the department/school.

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