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Internal news and events from Aarhus BSS


2012.09.21 | Administrative conditions, Aarhus BSS

New accounting principles are now implemented

From September 2012, new principles for accounting have been implemented meaning that all AU faculties will do the bookkeeping entries the same way. Furthermore, Department of Economy at BSS has moved to a new location.

2012.09.20 | News from the management, Administrative conditions, Aarhus BSS

Dean: We're not home yet, but we're getting there

Dean Svend Hylleberg acknowledges that there is some way to go before BSS is a smoothly running organisation. However, at the same time he emphasises that tremendous efforts are being made throughout the organisation to improve the situation, and hopes that staff will remain patient.

2012.09.20 | Administrative conditions, Aarhus BSS

Quick teacher took students for a walk

A pragmatic teacher overcame the problems caused by a double booking by taking approx. 150 students out into the University Park. With two systems and more than 20,000 teaching activities, double bookings are a risk which we are working hard to avoid.

2012.09.20 | Aarhus BSS, Administrative conditions

Departments: Simple practicalities take time

It is no secret that the start of the academic year has been extraordinarily chaotic this year. At BSS, simple practicalities still take up a lot of time and energy, putting the employees' professional pride and patience to the test.

2012.09.21 | Awards, Aarhus BSS

PhD student awarded the 'EAIR Outstanding Paper Award 2012'

Lise Degn, PhD student at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, has been awarded the 'EAIR Outstanding Paper Award 2012' for the best paper authored by a 'younger researcher', which is a researcher who is under 35 years old. She receives the price from EAIR - The European Higher Education Society at its annual conference.

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Fri 28 Sep
14:15-16:15 | Auditorium 455, bygning 1342, Universitetsparken
PhD defence by Anette Schnieber
To complete the PhD study programme Anette Schnieber presents his PhD thesis: ”What does it take to implement a big decision and can it be measured.”, giving a public lecture followed by a defence.
Fri 28 Sep
14:15-16:15 | Lokale 101 (auditorium A1) bygning 1333, Universitetsparken
PhD defence by Jacob Piet
To complete the PhD study programme Jacob Piet presents his PhD thesis: ”Mindfulness-based therapy for social phobia, recurrent depression, and psychological symptoms in cancer patients and survivors.”, giving a public lecture followed by a defence.
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