AU Studies Administration HE

At HE Studies Administration, we provide the necessary planning, guidance, processing and study structure to ensure all students enjoy a good course of study. We also provide support for academic and managerial decisions within the area of education. We are a unit which is characterised by strong professionalism, flexibility and curiosity, and we work closely with each other and with the academic environments at the faculty. 

HE Studies Administration is divided into two sections.

  • Studies Support and Student Guidance
  • Course and Exam Administration

You can read more about the individual sections as well as staff below.

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Contacts in HE Studies Administration

Studies Support and Student Guidance

Studies Support and Student Guidance provides services to the boards of studies at Health encompassing student guidance, study information, case handling, board of studies support, quality assurance, further and continuing education and internationalisation. Tasks include the drawing-up and maintenance of academic regulations, agendas for the study board meetings, consideration of dispensations and credit transfer applications, first-year exam checks, recruitment activities, commencement of studies planning and teaching the students good study techniques.


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Lise Ask Educational Advisor +4593522328 1611, 145
Arent, Eva Kvistgaard Head of section +4560202681 1611, 142
Ehrhorn, Lene Marie Educational Advisor +4587153083 1611, 144
Ipsen, Inge Hougaard Educational Advisor +4593509068 1611, 141
Jensen, Gitte Educational Administrator +4560224655 1611, 153
Jeppesen, Anne Møller Educational Advisor +4520926517 1611
Konrad, Lene Kristine Student Counsellor +4593522240 1611, 151
Lorentzen, Eline Skjøttgaard Educational Advisor +4593508100 1611, 141
Nielsen, Helle Bønsøe Educational Administrator +4522175096 1611, 139
Pedersen, Dorte Lindvald Student Counsellor +4593509067 1611, 153
Schou Johansen, Mia Student Counsellor +4593509069 1611, 151
Slater, Daniel Anthony Educational Advisor +4593508142 1611
Westphall, Vibeke Lundbye Educational Advisor +4520720542 1611
Willer, Jesper Leegaard Information Consultant +4520801452 1611

Course and Exam Administration

Course and Exam Administration undertakes the planning and administration of teaching and exams, including the allocation of rooms and timetabling, class composition, the planning and holding of exams, the awarding of diplomas and the daily servicing of both students and staff members.

Section Manager


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Anne Mette Educational Advisor +4593521856 1611
Blidegaard, Bjørn Educational Advisor +4520697372 1611
Bornerup, Mariann Windfeldt Educational Administrator +4593509065 1611, 120
Christensen, Anja Thoft Administrator +4561968689 1611
Dam, Søren Educational Administrator +4526848082 1611, 139
Engsig-Karup, Karoline Head of section +4529869059 1611
Jantzen, Mette Educational Administrator +4520660703 1611
Kejser, Cecilie Mie Training Coordinator +4593521464 1611
Kragelund, Tina Sandfeld Educational Administrator +4587167863 1611, 139
Larsen, Annette Line Educational Administrator +4587167974 1611, 137
Larsen, Vibeke Kirstine Nørgaard Educational Administrator +4593509064 1611, 132
Lauridsen, Kristine Elkær Rohde Educational Administrator +4520837562 1611, 134
Løffgreen, Louise Bitzer Training Coordinator +4593522968 1611, 127
Marcussen, Birte Munch Øster Educational Administrator +4587168294 1610, 126
Mønster, Rikke Rønde Educational Advisor +4522881536 1611, 137
Reis, Susanne Educational Administrator +4587153084 1611, 138
Schmidt, Ulla Educational Administrator +4587168367 1611, 137
Stærmose, Nanna Marie Riisbjerg Studies Secretary BA +4593509055 1331, 121
Tinggaard, Sofie Studies administrator +4540287464 1611
Valeur, Rikke Student Worker 1611
Warthou, Dorthe Wulff Educational Administrator +4593509063 1611, 137