How to report a security breach involving personal data

Aarhus University has strong focus on personal data security and information security. In rare cases, security breaches may still occur. If a breach involving personal data occurs, it is important that the university hears from you. Fill in this form to report a security breach. 

Anmeld sikkerhedsbrud - GDPR

Report security breach - personal data

A security breach is, e.g. 

  • Wrong personal data sent to the right recipient
  • Right personal data sent to the wrong recipient
  • Publication
  • Hacking
  • Loss/Theft

How AU process data

When you fill out the form, Aarhus University is the data controller for processing your personal data. We process the personal data that you provide in connection with the report (e.g. name, address and email address) for the following purposes:

  • to identify the person who has reported a security breach.
  • to acknowledge that we have received the report.
  • to contact you if there is a need for additional information/action.

Your personal data will be both stored while the breach is being dealt with and afterwards in connection with our records of the case.

You can read about your rights in AU’s privacy policy