7,383 new students at Aarhus University

A total of 7,383 applicants have been offered a student place at Aarhus University – that’s 4% more than last year. This increase can be seen mostly in the university’s IT and engineering programmes as well as English-taught Bachelor’s degrees. Language programmes have once again seen a worrying decline in applications.

This year, Aarhus University will welcome 7,383 new students, who have just been offered a student place. Photo: AU Foto

Aarhus University is looking forward to welcoming 7,383 new students to their degree programmes this year, after they received a positive response to their applications today. This is an increase of 4% on last year – corresponding to 270 more applicants. It is also more than in 2019 – the year before the extraordinarily high admission figures during Corona in 2020 and 2021.

“We are delighted that so many people want to do a university degree here at Aarhus University and that we can once again offer a student place to several young people. We are looking forward to welcoming the new students, and we know that members of teaching staff and student advisers are now busy organising a good orientation week for them,” says Pro-rector Berit Eika.

This year’s increase is partly due to an overall rise in applications to the university’s Bachelor of Engineering programmes – both in Aarhus and Herning – and IT programmes.

“It’s positive that we’re seeing an increasing interest in our engineering and IT programmes. A great deal of effort is being made across the sector to encourage our young people to choose a technical degree programme, so it’s very encouraging to see even more people applying for these degrees this year,” says Berit Eika.

The university’s English-taught programmes, including Economics and Business Administration and Cognitive Science, also help to account for the increase in applications.

“The interest in our English-taught programmes helps to underline the potential we have as a university to contribute positively to meeting companies’ demand for a highly educated international labour force,” says Berit Eika.

Worrying trend in language subjects

The story is different for language subjects. This year, Aarhus University has once again seen a decline in applications to study languages. Since 2019, applications to language programmes have fallen by 33 per cent, and, this year, the decline applies particularly to German but also to Spanish and French. This is very worrying, explains Berit Eika:

“This trend means that both the public and private sector will soon find it difficult to recruit employees with language and language-cultural competencies. This poses a major challenge to both society and the business community, who require language specialists – both now and in the future,” says Berit Eika, who once again calls on politicians to increase their efforts to boost language programmes.

More degree programmes with vacant places

The university is encouraging all those who were not offered a student place to investigate other options and, if they can, to apply for a different degree programme with vacant places.

Please note that the final admission figures may change, as it is still possible to apply for degree programmes with vacant places.

Facts about this year’s admissions:

  • 7.383 applicants have been offered a student place at AU. In 2019, this figure was 7,139 and, in 2022, it was 7,113.
  • Arts: 1,919 applicants have been offered a place: This is the same as in 2022 and 9% fewer than in 2019
  • Aarhus BSS: 2,512 applicants have been offered a place: This is 5% more than in 2022 and 4% more than in 2019
  • Natural Sciences: 786 applicants have been offered a place: This is 2% fewer than in 2022 and 4% fewer than in 2019
  • Health: 965 applicants have been offered a place: This is 10% more than in 2022 and 11% more than in 2019
  • Technical Sciences: 1.201 applicants have been offered a place: This is 8% more than in 2022 and 28% more than in 2019

See a list of admission figures for all the degree programmes and a list with the average figures

All applicants must confirm their student places by 3 August.