AU IT is moving from Katrinebjerg to the University City

If you need to visit AU IT from now on, you’ll have to head to the University City – the new home of AU IT from 9 May.

AU IT has changed its address in Katrinebjerg to a new address in the University City – or more specifically, building complex 1870. Photo: Paul Behrens.

Building complex 1870 can be found in the northern part of the University City in the area between Trøjborgvej and Nørrebrogade. The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics as well as the Bioinformatics and DANDRITE centres are located here – and soon AU IT will join them, as they are currently in the process of moving into the newly renovated building complex.

With this move, AU IT will enjoy a central location close to the other areas of campus, within easy reach of the units it serves, such as the entire central administration. In addition, the building complex is close to the northern passage, which is due to open this summer, and which will make moving between the University City and the University Park quick and convenient on foot or by bike.

The decision to move AU IT out of Helsingforsgade in Katrinebjerg was a natural extension of the plans to develop and expand the Katrinebjerg area with activities from the Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences and Arts.

In the time leading up to AU IT’s move, the new building was refurbished and reorganised extensively to meet the unit’s needs. AU IT is the first administrative unit to move into the University City, which is also home to AU’s entrepreneurial hub, The Kitchen.

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If you have any questions about AU’s campus development, you are welcome to contact Charlotte Lyngholm, head of Campus Planning and Projects.