Gajraj aims to shake the world of data with his business idea

Researcher will be bringing his vision to life with help from postdoc entrepreneurship program. His newly invented and highly effective way of comprising data may revolutionize both personal electronics and the entire industry.

Research projects with Vestas and Grundfos have given Gajraj Kuldeep a profound understanding of how his technology can create changes. Photo: Rasmus Eriksen

Researcher Gajraj Kuldeep of Aarhus University wants to make the world better through technology.

In fact, he is aiming to significantly improve our smartphones and challenge the current way in which we digitalize the industry. It is no easy feat, but research is not Kuldeep’s only backing – he also has the will and the software to turn his ideas into a real

Now, he has leapt from laboratory life to a one of entrepreneurship with help from Spin-Outs Denmark, a program intended to help postdocs across Danish universities start their businesses.

“The support I’ve received from Spin-Outs Denmark has been crucial. They’ve offered help with presenting my idea to potential investors, clients, and partners. I’ve also received feedback on my business plan, my product, and my strategy,” he says.

In addition, the program has secured financial security for one year of the researcher’s work, as he develops his business while working as a postdoc at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Unprecedented technology
The core of Gajraj Kuldeep’s business is to make data compression extremely effective.

His career has been spent researching data compression with industry giants such as Vestas and Grundfos. Along the way, he has discovered a method that can squeeze massive amounts of data from so-called smart devices (known as the Internet of Things) into smaller files without losing any of the valuable information.

So far, the method has been unknown. But it is in demand. Especially from big industries like the windmill sector, where enormous zettabytes of information are constantly knocking at the door, as the sensors in every turbine are generating explosive amounts of data – more than 300 per turbine.

The software will also be improving our personal devices like smartphones and tablets. For instance, it allows for better picture- and video quality without compromising on battery life or storage space.

“My idea isn’t just a theoretical concept. It’s a practical solution and I think it can make a huge difference,” says Gajraj Kuldeep.

From researcher to entrepreneur
As a researcher, Gajraj Kuldeep has enjoyed exploring new ideas, but the urge to take part in transforming research results to concrete solutions eventually grew too big.

“Both as a researcher and as an entrepreneur, you have to be independent and willing to take risks. Both disciplines demand for you to be ready to challenge what exists and create something new. I’ve discovered that I thrive in those conditions,” he says.

The researcher is grateful for the help, he has received from Spin-Outs Denmark. They have helped him achieve the tools and network he needed to realize his spin-out dream.

That is why he encourages other researchers with a good idea to apply for the program.

“It’s a chance you shouldn’t miss, if you want to try making a more direct difference with your research,” he says.

If you are interested in admission to the Spin-Outs Denmark program, read more here.

  • Supports early scientists in realizing their research-based business ideas.
  • The program offers skill training, networking, mentoring, pitch training, workshops, and financing for one year.
  • The project is a collaboration between the eight Danish universities and is funded by 75 million kroner from Villum Fonden, part of the Velux Foundation.

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Gajraj Kuldeep and data compression

  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aarhus University, where he has been working with data compression since 2019.
  • The researcher’s excellent data compression software solution is titled "Triumvirate Compression Software" (TCS) and is a patent pending technology from Aarhus University.
  • In technical terms, the software drastically cuts the storage use, transmission time and interference while improving analysis capacity and battery life.
  • The goal of the software is to lessen file sizes, which saves space on devices and speeds up online data transfer times.
  • This is a technology that will massively influence our digital lives from quicker downloads to more space for pictures, videos, and apps on our devices.