Five talented researchers win PhD Award

Did you know that some people don’t have an inner voice? That nanotechnology can help us make materials that are only a few atoms thick? And that an AU PhD student has played a crucial role in the university’s climate reporting? A variety of research fields are represented by the five talented PhD graduates who will receive Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD prizes on Wednesday 29 May.

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Five recent PhD graduates receive AUFF PhD prizes in recognition of their achievements. From left to right: Christian T. Elbæk (Aarhus BSS), Johanne Nedergaard (Arts), Paulina Ewa Majchrzak (NAT), Peter Matzen Berg (Health) og Thomas Daae Stridsland (Tech).

AUFF’s talent prizes recognise five newly minted PhD graduates whose work in their fields and their success in communicating their results have received extraordinary recognition. Each prize winner receives DKK 50,000.

This year, the award goes to a doctor, a business economist, a physicist, a cognitive scientist, and a climate change specialist. Between them, they have generated new knowledge on the testing of renal acid-base excretion, morality in times of resource scarcity, the electronic structure of quantum materials, the inner voice of humans, and efforts in the university sector to combat climate change and support the green transition. All five recipients will now continue their research in postdoc or assistant professor positions.

Peter Matzen Berg (renal physiology): What can a simple urine test tell us about cystic fibrosis?

Christian T. Elbæk (behavioural economics): Resource scarcity does not make us cheat – quite the opposite

Paulina Ewa Majchrzak (quantum materials): Changing the properties of two-dimensional materials using laser light

Johanne Nedergaard (cognitive science): People with anendophasia have no inner voice

Thomas Daae Stridsland (climate reporting): Universities can lead the green transition

Read more about the prize winners’ research and watch videos about them


The Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD Award

•    The Aarhus University Research Foundation first awarded its annual PhD prize in 2003 in connection with the university’s 75th anniversary

•    The award includes a cash prize of DKK 50,000

•    The PhD Awards will be conferred at a ceremony on Wednesday 29 May in the Main Hall, where the Victor Albeck Award will also be presented to Professor Alexandros Iosifidis. Register for the awards ceremony