New director to be at the centre of continuing education initiative

Peter Juhl (41) is to spearhead a course initiative from the Aarhus University Research Foundation and Aarhus University to deliver research-based continuing education to the Danish labour market.

[Translate to English:] 41-årige Peter Juhl skal stå i spidsen for den kommende kursusudbyder hos AUFF. Foto: Jens Hartmann Schmidt, AU Foto

He is very familiar with the basic idea: Help customers clarify their needs – and then find out how you and your team can meet them.

Nevertheless, Peter Juhl makes no secret of the fact that he will be entering new territory when he starts on 1 May in his position as the director of a course initiative that the Aarhus University Research Foundation is establishing with the university.

The initiative is so new that it has not yet been given a name – but its mission is clear: The Danish workforce is to have an injection of research-based vitamins.

From insurance to research

"Many of the societal challenges we’re facing at the moment call for specialised and up-to-date knowledge. Continuing and further education plays a key role here. With the retirement age still rising, lifelong learning is becoming vital to keep up with tasks in both the private and public sectors. And our trump card in Denmark is our strong researchers," says Peter Juhl about his motivation for entering the research and education sector.

It is hardly a coincidence that he also has his eye on the rising age of retirement. As a trained auditor and insurance broker, Peter Juhl has spent the last almost twenty years of his career developing, selling and advising on pensions and insurance at companies such as Danica, PFA and Velliv.

“A unique opportunity”

In the future, he will act as a link between researchers at Aarhus University and the many employers who want to upskill their staff with the latest knowledge.

"At a general level, I can see some similarities with my previous jobs: Talk to customers, identify their needs, and then find out how we can help meet those needs," laughs Peter Juhl and continues:

"But that’s where the similarity ends, because clearly it’s quite another thing to market research-based courses. Through my board work, I’ve gained a reasonable insight into what the business community needs in terms of continuing education and training, and I’ll draw on this experience, but I mainly look forward to gaining more insight into all the university's knowledge. I’m eager to exploit this unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented specialists in the world and help them get their knowledge out into society."

Relationship builder

The Aarhus University Research Foundation is also pleased with its new director. Besides Peter Juhl's extensive management and board experience, special focus has been on his ability to collaborate within and between organisations:

"Peter Juhl has in-depth knowledge of both public and private organisations. He’s used to organisational work and board work, and he also has experience with partnerships and negotiations. He’ll be a great asset to the new company," says the CEO of the Aarhus University Research Foundation, Jørgen Lang. 

The foundation will be the employer of both Peter Juhl and the secretariat he will now be building. The unit will operate at all Aarhus University locations but will be based in the University City when the new site is fully completed in 2025.

Aarhus University is also looking forward to welcoming the director. Pro-rector Berit Eika was part of the appointment committee and has high hopes for the new initiative:

"Aarhus University has several thousand researchers, and they are all passionate about their field of study. Their knowledge helps inspire and enrich society, and it is in great demand. It’s becoming increasingly important for the university to contribute to competency development and continuing education, and this is where Peter will be a key player. We were looking for someone who is trustworthy, dynamic and curious, and he possesses those qualities in abundance, so I’m very much looking forward to our collaboration."

Excerpts from Peter Juhl's CV:

  • 2023-2024: Self-employed adviser and board positions
  • 2018-2023: Head of Pensions, Velliv
  • 2017-2018: Head of Sales, Skandia
  • Chair of the Board, Agro Business Park
  • Chair of the Board, EnergiViborg A/S
  • Board member, business development centre, Central Denmark Region

Peter Juhl also has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD), he is a qualified insurance broker, and he has trained for board work at the Business Academy Aarhus. He is married and has four children.