Skype for Business is moving to Teams

Users of Skype for Business will have to use Teams for online meetings in the future. Transfer contacts before 25 January.

Skype for business is moving to Teams

Microsoft is in the process of phasing out the Skype meeting platform. It will instead become part of Teams. For this reason, AU is shutting down access to Skype for Business, and recommends that you use Teams from now on, which is already used broadly across AU.

Skype for Business will close down on 25 January 2022.

If you already use Teams for calls and video conferencing, this will have no effect on you.

Transfer your contacts to Teams

Teams can be used in the same way as Skype for Business:

  • Your user name will remain the same
  • If you need to hold an online meeting with Skype users, you can use Teams instead. Skype users and Teams users can call each other regardless of the system they use.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically transfer contacts from Skype for Business to Teams. Therefore, it is recommended that you transfer your contacts to Teams before 25 January 2022. You will not be able to access Skype for Business after that date.

Transferring your contacts to Teams is a simple process. – Click here for guidance on how

If you are not used to using Teams, you can find a number of guides here.

If you experience issues transitioning from Skype to Teams, please contact your local IT support team, who can help and answer any questions. Contact your local IT support team