E-pub ahead of print

Today, many research publications are published electronically online. However, there is a difference between the final online version on the journal 's website, which is (perhaps) also published in printed form, and the provisional publication also known as "e-pub head of print", which is also published online. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two versions, as they often are identical in layout.

The difference is that the final publication is published with information about volume, number and number of pages. The e-Pub ahead of print version does not have these bibliographic data.

In the example below, you can tell that the article is published in its final version, as it has volume, issue and page numbers. You can also see that it was first published as e-pub on March 2nd, 2019.

When it say "Published online: 16 July 2020" as in the example at the bottom, it does not necessarily mean that the publication is "Published" as defined in Pure under the "Publication status". The absence of volume, number and page numbers tells you that it is the e-pub ahead of print version that is shown.

How to register e-Pubs in Pure

In Pure, "E-Pub ahead of print" is a publication status.

From "Publication status" drop-down menu under, select "E-pub ahead of print" and fill in the year and month for the E-pub version.

You cannot choose "For validation" to submit it for validation as the publication is not considered to be published in its final version.  Therefore, leave the workflow at the bottom of the page at "Entry in progress" and click "Save".

If you, by accident, register an e-Pub ahead of print as "published" and send it for validation, the validator will change the status of the publication and set the workflow to "Entry in progress".

It is important that you remember to monitor your e-pubs and update them in Pure when they are published in their final version.

When the publication is published, you must update the publication record in Pure with volume, number and number of pages.

Change the publication status to "Published" and set the workflow to "For validation" to send it for validation, and click "Save".