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The Photography Unit can help with

  • Images of PR value for AU, e.g. for press purposes
  • Staff photos
  • Photographic assignments that support the AU strategy
  • Courses and guidance about photography and equipment
  • Access to Cumulus and Colorbox photo libraries
  • Contact to freelance photographers

In some cases, we invoice our services. The hourly rate is DKK 450, and DKK 50 per image supplied. Special arrangements can be made for large assignments.

We normally cover symposiums, conferences and similar events free of charge for one hour.  Any additional services will be charged by the hour.

Book a photographer

Photography Unit
AU Communication
Fredrik Nielsens Vej 5
Building 1445, Room 3.31

Tel. 8715 3042

Personal contact

Lars Kruse

H bldg. 1445, 329
P +4587153042
P +4523382428

Staff photos

The Photography Unit provides staff photos for PURE and business cards. These photos are taken the first Tuesday of the month from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 14:00. It is not necessary to book an appointment.

The photos are taken in building 1445 room 3.31. Please use entrance D in building 1445 and take the stairs to the 3rd floor. (There will not be taken staff photos in July)

BSS and Emdrup offer separate photography services, find more information below:

Aarhus BSS

As an employee at Aarhus BSS, you are welcome to make an appointment with Aarhus BSS Communication to have your picture taken. The portrait will be shown on your PURE profile.

Photo sessions are held on Wednesdays in Building 1443, Room 317.

Camilla Brodam, email:, tel.: 8716 4745.


For staff photography services in Emdrup, please contact Ib Jensen, Arts Communication.

Photo libraries


Cumulus is the Photography Unit's photo library. You are free to download images from it for use in printed matter and PowerPoint presentations and on websites.


You can find Cumulus here: 

Username and password:

Send your request by email to

What is allowed:

The images can be used freely for publications about Aarhus University and on the university's websites, including AU's Facebook pages.

What is not allowed:

Images showing a single person or a small number of recognisable individuals must not be used extensively without obtaining the explicit consent of the individuals. Here, 'extensively' means, for example, poster campaigns, the front page of publications and webpages.

Images of individuals may not be used in contexts that the persons in question might find offensive.

What you must do:

Images in printed matter and on the web must always be credited with the photographer's name.

AU Communication disclaims all liability if this requirement is not met.

To find out more, go to the Danish Data Protection Agency's website at (in Danish)


Colorbox is a large photo library to which AU subscribes.


You can find colourbox here: 

Username and password:

All employees can be given full access, if required, and all students can have access to 30 free Colourbox downloads a month using an education key.
Send your request by email to

What does it cost to use Colourbox?

Colourbox is free to use for you, but AU Communication pays a fixed subscription + a charge per download, so only ever download photos which you definitely know that you will need.

How may we use the Colourbox photos? 

Colourbox has an extensive FAQ page:

Free images

All images on the internet are basically protected by copyright, so you must not download images you find there without permission. There are, however, a number of collections of images that may be used freely, but always read the terms and conditions carefully.

Try some of these sites:

You can also find images that are free to use on Google: Go into 'Advanced Image Search' and select 'free to use or share' under 'usage rights'; then you can search with a clear conscience.


Facebook images

If you are thinking about posting pictures from, for example, an event on Facebook, make sure that you comply with the Danish Data Protection Agency rules, which you can find here: (in Danish)

As you will see, it is very much a matter of judgement, but as a general rule the 'models' must be aware that they are being photographed, while the pictures must be harmless and in no way offensive, of course.

Credit the photographer

The photographer must always be credited with 'photographer's name, AU Photo'.

One exception is what are known as so-called 'focus boxes' at the top of websites or very small images on the internet.

In printed media, credits can appear next to the picture or on the colophon page.

Information for freelance photographers

How do I invoice AU?

Aarhus University only accepts electronic invoices.

The easiest way to send an invoice is via this link: (in Danish)

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