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2018.10.05 |

AU Evacuate out of service

Due to a ransomware attack on the data stored in AU Evacuate, the evacuation app is currently out of service.

2018.06.06 |

Remember the new rules for compliance with requirements for re-examinations

The summer exams have now started and Arts Studies Administration is reminding you that there are new rules covering student compliance with requirements for re-examinations.

Dean Johnny Laursen, Faculty of Arts

2018.05.17 |

Changes in long-term financial outlook for Arts

The DKK 29 million surplus for 2017 at the Faculty of Arts has given Dean Johnny Laursen reasons to believe that there is less need to ‘cry wolf’.

Events at Arts

Wed 28 Nov
13:00-13:00 | Aarhus University
Churches and Civil Society - New challenges for organization and leadership
The conference aims to present and discuss research on the questions of relations between churches and civil society.
Thu 29 Nov
10:00-17:00 | Moesgaard Museum, Moesgaard Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark
39th Association for Environmental Archaeology Conference
The objective of the conference is to highlight recent developments in scientific approaches in archaeology, with a particular (albeit not exclusive) focus on northern Europe.
Wed 08 May
10:00-17:00 |
Etc. Exchange Transformation Communication (NAES2019)
In Etc. we intend to find space for all of the above-mentioned areas of study, and for the transformative possibilities that may arise from communication and exchange between them.

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