How do I log on to Blackboard?

Username is your AU ID (e.g. AU123456) or your student registration number.

Password is the same as for (Self-service).

How do I create an external user?

In order for an external user to access Blackboard, he/she has to register in AU systems. When this is done, a Blackboard administrator can grant access to Blackboard and the relevant courses.

See how an external Danish user is granted access in this guide (Danish only).

See how an external foreign user is granted access in this guide.

If you are a Blackboard administrator, you can find help on how to grant access to an external user in Blackboard in this guide (only in Danish): Guide til TAP'er - oprettelse af eksterne brugere (som har et AU ID).

How do I add existing users to a course?

As an instructor at a course, you can add additional users to your course. This could e.g. be co-teachers (Instructor), teaching assistants or students who want to follow the course but do not want to take an examination (not enrolled via STADS).

Follow this guide (Only in Danish) to add users to your course.

How do I change attendance registration for at student in Qwickly?

As a teacher you can change a student's status from e.g. Absent to Present. Go to Attendance Record and select the cell with the red crossing next to the relevant student (if necessary use Filter Name). A new window opens where the correct status is selected. Remember to save the new status (Save Record).

See the Qwickly guide for more changes to attendance registration (page 4 and onwards).

How do I make my mail appear correctly in Blackboard?

Your email address will be collected from STADS if you are a student (including PhD students with an open enrollment) and from IdM if you are employee.

If your email is incorrect then it is in one of these data supporting systems it must be corrected. In other words email addresses cannot be corrected in Blackboard.

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More questions and answers!

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