From 1 March 2024, WISEflow is AU’s new digital exam system. The new WISEflow system replaces the current version of WISEflow used at Aarhus BSS and the Digital Exams system used at Arts, Health, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences.

On this page, you will find technical guides and useful information on how to use the new WISEflow as an assessor, author (of multiple choice assignments) or study administrative employee. You will also find a link to the IT support who you can contact in case of technical problems.

Please note: If you have used WISEflow before, please make sure that you log on to the new system as the former version will no longer be active after 31 March 2024.

FAQ Assessor

Make your exam question set available

About salary for external assessor (censor)

If you cannot find information about salary for external assessor (censor) etc. on your exam in WISEflow, you can contact the exam administration in the following way:

Access your exam, find “Additional marking material”. Below this header there should be contact information.

Change name or mail address in WISEflow


Guides for assessors

Assessment tool

Navigate the marking tool

Annotations and comments in the student's submission

Upload and share feedback through the marking tool

Print submissions with annotations


Where do I find the submissions?

Download submissions

Text similarity

Grading exams

Submit assessment (grade overview)

Submit an administrative assessment

Discrepancy between grades

Withdrawal of grade

Submit grades offline: download of papers and grading via Excel (written exams and take-home assignments)

Submit assessments offline: grading via Excel (oral exams)

Guides for authors


Create an MCQ assignment

Guides for the study administration

Navigation and set-up

Add material (links and files) visible to assessors

Add material (links and files) visible to all flow participants

Add and allocate assessors

Activate an exam

Log in as another user

How to log in

Log on as an internal assessor – using WAYF

Log on as an external assessor (with CPR) – using MitID

As a censor with MitID (i.e., typically if you have a Danish CPR-number) you can only log on using MitID. 

Log on as a foreign censor (without CPR) – using WAYF

As an external foreign assessor (censor), i.e., if you do not have a Danish CPR-number and therefore do not possess a MitID, you can log on using WAYF
You will need your phone, your email-address, your user-ID (AU ID) and your password. 

Please follow these two steps before you will be able to log on:

1. Create a password 
In order to log on to the digital exam platform WISEflow the first time, you must create a password. In case you forget your password later, you can always create a new one.  
Both of the above can be done using this guide, by unfolding “Forgotten or expired password?” and choosing “If you still have access to your AU email or if you have a private email linked to your AU ID”.  

2. Install Microsoft Authenticator (two-step authentication)

Find a guide on how to set up your account here > Instructions for assessment- and appointment committee

Should you encounter any problems when creating a password, setting up the two-step authentication or logging on to the digital exam platform WISEflow, please contact the IT support for the faculty your exam belongs to.

Now you are ready to log on to WISEflow.

Click on the orange button above called “Login“.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Log on as an administrator – using WAYF

Problems logging in?

Try a different browser or clearing your browser's cache. See the instructions for this below.

Guide to "clear browser cache"

Administrative support

If you have any questions about the exam, for example about the exam assignment or the students’ papers, you should contact the studies secretary responsible for the exam.

How: You will find contact information for the relevant exam supervisor under the exam in question in WISEflow, see “Additional marking material”.

Technical support

If you have any questions, for example in relation to login or functionality, contact the Student Administration Systems Support.

Teamviewer allows us to provide online support. Click "Download Teamviewer" below.

Student Administration Systems Support

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00
  • Friday from 9:00 to 14:00

Opening hours week 28-29-30-31 (Mon 8.7. – Fri 2.8.):

Mon-Fri: 9AM-1PM