Information for AU Staff

Summer University is run under a single banner, but is still adapted to each individual faculty’s internal administrative processes: That’s why you need to choose your own faculty in the menu in order to find information which is relevant to you as an educator.

The following dates are planned for 2024

In the period from the 2 July to the 9 August courses held in English can be offered.

We recommend that the following terms are used in order to gather the students and increase the opportunity of taking two subjects:

Term 1: Tuesday 2 July – Friday 19 July
Term 2: Monday 22 July – Friday 9 August

Examinations with international students should be completed within the defined period – Especially in regards to examinations, which require presence in Aarhus.

AU Summer University is mainly carried out at Campus Aarhus 8000 C.

A few courses are held outside of Campus due to the need for specific facilities. IU does not have access to housing there, which means that the teacher/department is responsible for sleeping arrangements, classrooms, carrying out exams (if monitored written exams) and possibly social programs.


AU Summer University is for all Danish and international students who can also take courses at AU.

They apply according to the following deadlines and process:

15 January - 15 March 2024: Application round for ALL types of applicants, Danish and International
April / May: Remaining spots round for ALL types of applicants (cancelled and closed courses are exempted).

Internal AU students who join a course under their own academic regulations will sign up via the self-service like they do with all other course sign-ups.

All other students will apply through the shared application module online which is administrated by IU.

For all applicants, IU will in cooperation with the administrative centres and student councillors make sure that the following is handled: 

  • Guidance
  • Gathering documentation
  • Notify of missing documentation and payments that are due
  • Payment of things such as participation fees
  • Acceptance and rejection letters
  • Enrolment
  • Student IDs
  • Information on accessing wifi and intranet
  • Exam registration/cancellation (primarily possible for external students)