Personal name at AU

At Aarhus University, you may find that you are designated two different names.

Basically, Aarhus University has a CPR subscription (at present both a shared and study-related STADS subscription). Here you are known by a so-called addressing name, which is 34 characters, and an official name, which comprises your first and last names and any middle names up to 130 characters.

You will be set up with a display name, which is the same as the addressing name. However, you can edit this yourself at using Private information and language. It is saved as a display name in Aarhus University's Identity Management system (IDM).

Finally, the state payroll system Statens Lønsystem (SLS) registers a name with 30 characters, which may differ from the above.

Why is my name incorrect?

Of course, an error might have occurred, but it may well be that the university is using the above names in several different places. Here are a few examples:

  • Basically, we try to use your display name from IDM
  • In WAYF, you are shown with your display name and your first name (including any middle name(s)) and your last name
  • STADS uses the official name (with any middle name(s) included with the first name)
  • In SLS, you are listed with your SLS name