Attributes, from AU to WAYF

If you logon to, you can see the attributes belonging to you, that will be transferred to WAYF.

Only the attributtes required by a given service will after your accept be forwarded to the service provider.

  1. sn is surname for the user
  2. gn is given name for the user
  3. cn is your name, as known on Aarhus Universitet
  4. eduPersonPrincipalName is a unique number (AU-id) at Aarhus Universitet, followed by
  5. mail is the primary e-mail address known by Aarhus Universitet
  6. eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation is the primary affiliation to Aarhus Universitet. In prioritized order it is one of the following roles:
    1. student
    2. faculty
    3. staff
    4. alum
    5. affiliate
    6. walk-in (anonymous) - not used at AU
  7. organizationName is always Aarhus Universitet
  8. eduPersonAssurance is a number, indicationg the quality of the user-identity:
    1. low - identity provided by the user
    2. medium - identity provided/confirmed by staff at Aarhus Universitet or the Danish Central Office of Civil Registration
    3. high - (not yet in use)
  9. schacPersonalUniqueID is the Danish cpr-number. Non-danes might have an ID consisting of the date of birth (as ddmmyy) followed by three non-numeric characteres and a digit indicating the sex
  10. eduPersonScopedAffiliation (not yet translated....) er en liste, der beskriver personens tilknytning til Aarhus Universitet i større detalje. De første tre er WAYF-attributter mens den sidste er en AU-specifik hovedområdeopdeling. Opdelingen vil blive udbygget efterhånden som mulighederne og behovet opstår.
    1. Organisationstilknytning er en liste med alle de roller som personen har, nævnt under eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation, udvidet med employee=faculty+staff og member=employee+student. Hver værdi er beskrevet som <rolle>
    2. Kursustilknytning er en liste med kursustilknytning, beskrevet som <rolle>@<kursusID> hvor <rolle> er Participant, lecturer, secretary, teachingassistant og kusrsusID hentes fra AU's undervisningsadministrationssystem, UVA.
    3. Studieniveau er <rolle> , hvor <rolle> er bachelor-student, master-student, ph.d.-student
    4. AU-tilknytning er hovedområdetilknytning for student, faculty og staff på formen <rolle>@<hom> hvor <hom> er adm,asb,djf,dmu,dpu,hum,nat,sam,sun,teo
  11. preferredLanguage is the preferred language for the user, selected at
  12. norEduPersonLIN is the studentnumber at Aarhus Universitet