Preview of "Rocketman" - a film about Elton John

Join the Staff Association for a night devoted to Elton John with live music, exciting presentation and a preview of the film "Rocketman".

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Tuesday 28 May 2019,  at 19:30 - 23:00
Photo: courtesy of Cinemaxx


We’ll warm up for the movie with a refreshment and live music in the foyer where the duo Eltonjazz will interpret some of Elton John’s greatest hits. Afterwards, Nikolaj Holmboe (the lead singer of Eltonjazz) will give a 30-minute presentation about Elton John with exciting, funny and, for many, maybe unknown anecdotes about the man and the musician Elton John. We’ll end the evening by watching a preview of “Rocketman”.

Tuesday 28 May at 19:30 in Cinemaxx, Bruuns Bro

19:30: Refreshment and live music in the foyer
20:15: Presentation (30 minutes) begins in the hall
20:45: Preview of “Rocketman”

Price: DKK 80 for members, DKK 130 for companions