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2021.01.15 | Aarhus BSS

New backgrounds for online meetings and an updated email signature

Some staff members have requested professional backgrounds to use on Zoom or Teams during the many meetings th

2020.09.16 | Aarhus BSS

New passage between the University Park and the University City

The process of opening up a new underground passage at the northern end of the University Park is now beginnin

2020.09.01 | News from management

5-year AACSB accreditation in place

Aarhus BSS has now been awarded the 5-year AACSB accreditation after one year’s extension of the accreditation

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13/01 - 2021 |

After-work meeting: What should a future hub for sport and physical activity...

An area in the University Park has been dedicated to a new hub for sport and physical activity. Join a virtual after-work meeting on 27 January and share your ideas about activities that can make the hub a popular meeting place.

5/01 - 2021 |

AU launches major quality analysis of its PhD programmes

As a PhD student, you can now help assess the quality of your PhD programme by completing the questionnaire you have received in your e-Boks. The survey is conducted every four years, and the responses are included in the work AU does to ensure the quality of its PhD programmes.

17/12 - 2020 |

The man behind the Christmas trees at Nobel Park

You know it’s really Christmas when the Christmas trees get put up in the Nobel Park. Carsten Koudal Bach is a skilled tradesman who works at the Faculty of Arts administrative centre. And every year, he and his co-workers put up the Christmas trees. And make sure they stay up, not least.