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2021.07.02 | Management messages

The dean: Returning to our shared campus university

The holiday is just around the corner. When staff and students at Aarhus BSS return, we can look forward to wo

2021.06.29 | Aarhus BSS

Danish buddy families for international PhD students

International PhD students at AU can get to know a Danish family and form new friendships through Internationa

2021.06.25 | Aarhus BSS

The Kitchen moves into the laundry

In 2025, Aarhus University’s entrepreneurship hub The Kitchen will move to another building in the University

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19/07 - 2021 |

Wanted: Guest lecturers for Summer University 2022

If you or an international colleague fancy spending part of the summer of 2022 teaching Summer Uni classes at Aarhus BSS, now is the time to apply. Deadline Is 31 August this year.

6/07 - 2021 |

Almost 10,000 applicants had Aarhus University as their first choice

Aarhus University has received 9,970 first-choice applications for the university's degree programmes. This represents a modest fall compared to last year.

6/07 - 2021 |

Podcast: Find inspiration and knowledge about gender equality in academia

Fewer women than men advance to the top of the research hierarchy, and this means that we lose research talent. What does it take to correct this imbalance? Four experts share their thoughts and ideas in the new season of the #DiversityAU podcast.