Kilowhat can you do? - Use energy wisely

Find out what steps AU is taking to reduce the university’s energy consumption – and what you can do to contribute. The information on the site will be updated regularly.

Why do we have to save energy?

Denmark and the rest of Europe are in the midst of an energy crisis, and the skyrocketing electricity prices we’re seeing are straining budgets throughout society. And Aarhus University is no exception. The university is bracing for significant increases in energy costs – currently estimated at a 70-80 million kroner increase in our electricity bill for 2022 – an additional expense that the university and its faculties have not fully budgeted for. More on this topic: Rising electricity prices require urgent action – we can all play our part. Aarhus University is working hard to make its operations more sustainable to contribute to the green transition, so one positive effect of energy savings is to contribute to these ongoing efforts.

The aim of AU’s ‘Kilowhat can you do? Use energy wisely’ campaign is to increase awareness of the energy-saving steps being taken at the university and get staff and students involved in an active effort to reduce energy consumption.

Energy consumption must come down at all public-sector institutions, the government has mandated, and the Danish Energy Agency has launched a national campaign aimed at all workplaces. AU’s effort is in line with the national effort.