Adjustment of AU's email address policy

To give the employees as much influence as possible on their new email addresses, the senior management team has decided to adjust its former decision on how to combine email addresses and unit names.

The senior management team has decided to adjust Aarhus University's policy on combining email and unit names (email name)@(unit name) in email addresses.

For email names, the adjustment means that:

  • the email name is no longer required to be unique across the entire university, but the email address as a whole must, of course, still be unique.
  • the previously announced requirements (that the email name must be name-based, and that email names must be between 2 and 20 characters) have been adjusted. They are now to be understood as recommendations rather than requirements. Employees therefore have more freedom to choose their email name.

Guidelines for unit names

  • Following earlier discussions, a list of unit names was compiled for all departments and centres, based on their English names. Employees whose email address already includes one of these unit names may keep their existing unit name and thus their existing email address.
  • Employees whose email address includes a unit name that no longer exists or is in Danish, e.g.,,, and will still need to change their unit name and thus also their email address. Please note that, in these cases, the employee can still keep his or her email name (the name before @), provided that the entire email address is unique.

AU IT will now start implementing the necessary changes, and individual users will be presented with a solution which retains as much as possible of their existing email address. Users can then accept this or choose another email address.

The adjustment of the email address policy means that the announced release date (7 October) will have to be postponed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.

Please note that AU IT will ensure that employees will still receive any emails sent to their old email addresses, so that no emails will be lost, regardless of whether email addresses are changed or not.

Further questions about the new email addresses can be directed at