Adjustments to the liaison committees at AU

The senior management team has decided that the local liaison committees (LSUs) at the administrative divisions and administrative centres will in future refer to the Administration’s Liaison Committee (ASU). The decision was reached after a consultation on adjustments to the administration’s liaison committee structure.

The senior management team and AU’s two joint union representatives have also agreed to add a management representative and a staff representative to each of the faculty liaison committees (FSUs). Members will be appointed in accordance with the cooperation agreement (Cirkulære om samarbejde og samarbejdsudvalg i Statens virksomheder og institutioner, the circular on cooperation and liaison committees in government businesses and institutions).

According to the plan for the reorganisation of the administration, as a general rule, the new permanent liaison committees were to have been in place by March 2015. However, interim liaison committees continue to serve in a number of cases because certain structural questions still remain to be clarified. At units whose organisation has been settled, interim liaison committees will be replaced by permanent liaison committees as soon as possible. The details of the transition will be agreed on by the individual committees.

If there are outstanding issues that have a bearing on the composition of the unit’s liaison committee, the chair and the vice-chair may decided to prolong the interim period.

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