WPA questionnaire on the way

On Monday 28 February, all AU employees will receive an email with a personal link to WPA 2022. By answering the questionnaire, you will help the university assess the quality of your and your colleagues' work environment at AU.

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Photo: Lars Kruse

Are the staff here at AU thriving? And how do we create the best conditions for a good workplace? The upcoming WPA 2022 will help answer these questions. The more staff who participate, the more accurate a snapshot of the work environment at AU we will have: which in turn will provide the best basis for a productive dialogue and follow-up dialogue and subsequent follow-up. 

The WPA is one of several tools that contribute to daily work to forge a good work environment at Aarhus University. It is particularly important as a tool to provide us with an overview of the work environment that includes what’s working as well as issues that need addressing at the local level. The questionnaire deals with both the physical and psychological work environments, and in addition to the questions for all AU staff, there is a small number of faculty/administration-specific questions.

Everyone will receive the WPA questionnaire by email, and it can be answered up to 11 March. You are also very welcome to encourage your colleagues to participate.

Further information
Read more about WPA 2022 and see the timeline for the process on au.dk/wpa