AU HR is moving to new activity-based premises in the Nobel Park

AU HR is currently changing its address from Jens Baggesens Vej to the Nobel Park. Here, four out of five of the AU HR units are moving into new premises that have been specially furnished to test and develop new office layouts. Many items of furniture were acquired second-hand and have been adapted to fit the new premises.

The Nobel Park’s red brick walls frame AU HR’s new premises in Building 1471.
Sculptural interior features with built-in noise reduction made from recycled plastic have been developed for the new premises.
Surplus wood from table top production will be reused and integrated in the new storage items to minimise waste. Space has been created so that it is possible to sit or place plants on the furniture.
A lightweight, hanging green wall with marimo creates a calm atmosphere and visually ties the room together.

The Nobel Park, which borders both the University Park and the University City, is home to several degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts – and, from 2 May, it will also house four of AU HR’s five units, who will change their address from Jens Baggesens Vej to Nobel Park, Building 1417.

The new premises are furnished according to activity-based principles, which means that each working area is designed to support specific work requirements, e.g. being able to discuss and collaborate, read, hold meetings or be social. The basic idea is that work doesn’t always need to take place at our desk but can be moved into the area or room that best supports the given task.

In addition, one of the floors available to AU HR will be furnished primarily without fixed office spaces. Many companies are currently reducing the number of individual office spaces available to their staff. Whilst AU HR has decided that each employee should have their own desk – or focus area – they have also focused on providing a variety of flex and meeting rooms as well as a reading room to supplement the desk as a workspace. The goal is to create an office environment that encourages community and collaboration.

The new activity-based office environments were developed in collaboration with AU HR and are part of the university’s initiative to test and improve new office plans. Employees in AU HR will be asked for their opinion going forward, and their experiences will be used to inform the university’s campus development.

Used furniture

Using sustainable and reusable materials and minimising waste was in focus when developing AU HR’s new premises. For instance, many old tables have been modified by reusing the frame and adding a new table top. And surplus material from this process has been reused in other places, such as in room dividers. Noise reducing material has been developed from recycled plastic, which, among other things, can be used as wall decoration. The few items of furniture purchased were bought second-hand.

Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences will take over AU HR’s premises on Jens Baggesens Vej as part of the overall development of the Katrinebjerg area.

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  • If you want to know more about AU HR’s relocation, please contact Camilla Elona Eriksen or Deputy Director Anne Lindholm Behnk
  • If you have any questions about the physical/architectural development of AU HR’s premises, please contact Gustaf Lohm, project manager, Campus Planning and Projects.
  • Questions about AU’s overall campus development can be directed towards Charlotte Lyngholm, head of Campus Planning and Projects.