AU recommended for positive institutional accreditation

Aarhus University has just been recommended for a positive institutional accreditation – an important seal of approval for the university's quality assurance system. The Accreditation Council's final decision will be announced in September.

Photo: AU Foto

"AU's quality assurance work is systematic, well-structured and well-functioning in practice. There is a clear division of responsibilities in quality assurance work, and it is solidly anchored in the organisation.”

This is the main message of the Accreditation Institution’s new report, which recommends AU for a positive institutional accreditation. The report has just been released for internal consultation at the university. Pro-rector Berit Eika headed the accreditation process, and is very pleased with the panel's positive recommendation:

"I'm both pleased and proud that the accreditation panel recognises that AU continues to do a lot of very solid work at all organisational levels to ensure the quality of our degree programmes. The recommendation is also a big pat on the back for the efforts of managers, employees and students throughout the accreditation process. Now we’re looking forward to the Accreditation Council's final decision, which will hopefully confirm the panel's recommendation."

The report is based on AU’s institutional report and two visits to the university, in December 2023 and March 2024. On these occasions, the accreditation panel met with managers, staff, students and external stakeholders connected with different degree programmes.

In addition to the recommendation, the report also contains descriptions of and recommendations about AU’s quality assurance system. These recommendations will be taken into consideration in the further development of the quality assurance system. The university will have the opportunity to point out any inaccuracies or misinterpretations in the report in a consultation response to be submitted on 1 July. The Accreditation Council is expected to make a final decision at the end of September.