Energy consumption: Thanks to a joint effort, impressive reductions have been achieved

Thanks to the AU community’s joint efforts and the enthusiastic support of staff, AU has achieved significant reductions in energy consumption in the past few months. Learn more about what AU is doing to save energy here.

AU’s energy consumption has fallen dramatically – in labs, in common areas and in offices – thanks to a concerted joint effort on the part of staff across the university. AU’s heat and power consumption fell in September and October; and in November the university used 33% less heat and 20% less power than in November 2019, the most recent non-Covid year.

The reduction is having a positive effect on power and heating costs. Nonetheless, the university community’s impressive efforts can’t fully offset skyrocketing energy prices.

The energy-savings campaign will continue into next year, when the university will evaluate which of the current initiatives will continue and whether additional activities will be launched in 2023.

If you’d like to help AU save even more energy, you’ll find good tips and advice on the website.

Check out the some of the many energy-smart initiatives around the university