Digital tool can help you write in a more inclusive way

Are you interested to learn how your language affects other people? All members of staff at AU now have access to the Develop Diverse digital tool, which identifies unconscious bias in texts and suggests more inclusive ways to formulate the same idea. You can get a brief introduction to Develop Diverse on 10 June.

Photo: Colourbox

Words are not always neutral, and our language can sometimes prevent us achieving what we want to with a text – for example, attracting more female applicants for a position, more male students for a degree programme, or appealing to both younger and older employees.

Since 2022, HR has been trialling the digital tool Develop Diverse in connection with recruitment and job postings. The tools is designed to highlight stereotyped language and suggest alternative formulations – and it is part of AU’s strategic efforts to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

With the support of AU’s Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality, the tool will be continued for a further two years, and now all members of staff at AU will have the opportunity to use it – for job advertisements and other texts that represent the university, such as web texts and social media posts.

Read more about Develop Diverse at AU and how to start using the tool

Sign up for an introduction to Develop Diverse on 10 June (in Danish) – the registration deadline is 5 June.