Facts and myths about carpooling

Carpooling is good for the climate, but you have to socialise with strangers as well as giving up some flexibility in your scheduling. Or do you?

Since last autumn, lots of staff and students have joined AU’s new carpooling club in the Ta´Med app. If you think carpooling might be for you but are holding back because you don’t feel like making small talk on your commute or because you’re worried it might be inconvenient or maybe even unsafe – then get the facts here before you make up your mind.

Reserved parking spaces for Ta’Med users

From Monday 19 June, eight parking spaces will be reserved for staff who give others a lift through the Ta’Med app, either to or from work. To use these parking spaces, you need a Ta’Med sticker on your front windshield. To order a sticker, write to the AU switchboard at omstillingen@au.dk, and you’ll receive your sticker through internal post within a few mails.

The eight parking spaces are spread across four locations: Psychology/Political Science (1350), Physics (1520), Biomedicine (1230) and the administrative centres for Arts and Aarhus BSS (1442).

This scheme will be in place on a trial basis until May 2024.

Read more at m.au.dk/tamed 

I have to be social and talkative to carpool

A lot of people assume that you have to be an extrovert to carpool. But if you prefer not to chat or would like to work during your commute, then you simply use the app’s chat function to let your co-commuter know in advance. This goes for both drivers and passengers.

There’s no scope for flexibility if I share rides with others

While carpooling does require some coordination, it still allows you a lot of flexibility in your scheduling. For example, you don’t have to travel to and from work at the same time everyday to carpool. You can change your desired departure and arrival times in the app every day to suit your needs and plans.

It’s unsafe to share rides with people I don’t know

If you join AU’s carpooling club in the Ta’Med app, you will only be sharing rides with AU staff and students. And if you decide to use the app to carpool with people from other institutions that use it, for example Arla or Aarhus Municipality, you can rely on their ratings and verified identities and contact information.

By carpooling, I make a positive difference for the climate

More ride-sharing means fewer cars and less congestion on the roads. And fewer cars means less carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. So if you ride with others instead of driving alone in your own car, you can pat yourself on the back: you’ve made a climate-friendly choice.

I save money by carpooling

With the Ta’Med app, you can easily and efficiently share this cost with others who are driving the same way as you. As driver, you receive a contribution of 0.70 kr. per km driven from your passenger after each short trip. The amount is calculated automatically by the app and transferred to your account. If you don’t want to receive payment, you can deselect this option in this app. As passenger, you pay 0.70 kr. per km – and you’ll most likely find that carpooling is an inexpensive way to get around. 

Read more about carpooling at AU m.au.dk/tamed 

Watch interviews with three AU staff members about their carpooling experiences (published 28 March 2023): https://youtu.be/Uy6Dgb3d_18

Get gift certificates and free rides through 28 June
All new drivers who take their first trip as part of AUs carpooling club will receive a 200 kr. gift certificate to COOP. Passengers who take their first trip will get their second trip free.

This offer is valid through 28 June or until all gift certificates have been awarded.