Last call for AU’s old exam systems: What you need to know before they’re retired for good

WISEflow – AU’s new digital exams system – has been rolled out across the university. It replaces the WISEflow system formerly used at Aarhus BSS and the Digital Exams system formerly used at the other faculties. Both of the old systems will be retired for good soon. Find out how to prepare for this below. 

From now on, all exams at AU will take place in the AU-wide WISEflow system. Photo: Anders Trærup

From now on, all exams at Aarhus University will take place in WISEflow – AU’s new digital exams system. The new system replaces the old WISEflow solution formerly used at Aarhus BSS and the Digital Exams system formerly used at the other faculties.

This is what you need to be aware of when the old systems are retired: 

  • Download any exam materials you need to save. The deadline is: 
    • 31 March 2024 for the old WISEflow  
    • 30 April 2024 for Digital Exams  
    • Please note that you may only download and save students' exam papers after the end of the assessment period if you have their  prior consent.
  • You can find many of the published Master's theses in AU’s project library (PURE) (please note that this sentence has been amended on 18 March 2024). However, this does not include Master's theses from Aarhus BSS.  
  • In special cases, you can get help from the Study System Support team if you need to access old WISEflow or Digital Exams after the systems have been retired. For example, you may be unable to download the material you need before the deadline for various reasons (such as a leave of absence or illness).  
  • The electronic plagiarism checker in Ouriginal will remain available in the new AU-wide WISEflow setup. It will also still be possible to screen exam papers delivered in one of the old systems for duplicate content. 

Get off to a good start with the new WISEflow system  

During the spring semester, all staff and students will receive more information about WISEflow and their individual exams.  

Help and guidance is also already available online: staff will find relevant information at, and students will find the information they need at

To sign into the new WISEflow system, click this link. Until 31 March, you might be asked to select a license. If so, select the licence named ‘Aarhus University’.

Do you work at Aarhus BSS or Health?

Until 31 March, employees at Aarhus BSS and Health will have access to the old and the new version of WISEflow – and can shift between the two licences. To change license, simply log out of WISEflow and log into the license you wish to use.