Get an overview of further and continuing education courses

A new portal has been created that gathers all of AU’s further and continuing education courses (FE) in one place. The portal functions as a gateway to the faculties’ own FE websites. Find the portal here:

Are you interested in developing your skills by taking a further and continuing education course, or do you need advertise a course in connection with your work, for example as department secretary? If so, the new FE portal is just what you need.

The idea behind the portal is to provide an overview of AU’s large range of diploma and degree FE programmes and short courses for adults. The portal makes it easy to find relevant courses. Previously, it was necessary to search at a variety of locations on the university website to find information about the various courses. The portal also gives you information about the relevant contact persons for the different activities.

In addition to providing a more user-friendly gateway to AU’s FE courses, the portal also functions as an extra marketing channel for the departments, schools and faculties while also highlighting AU as a serious player on the FE market with a large, varied selection of FE activities.

Further information

The faculties and departments (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/school (Arts) publish and edit information about their own FE degree programmes and courses on the portal. For access to the portal database, please contact Kirsten Largren ( or Birgitte Højland (, AU Student Administration and Services.