Help students increase their well-being

The website can help students find inspiration and tools for dealing with challenges in their studies. Aarhus University’s employees are an important resource when it comes to spreading the word about the website.

The student counsellors’ offices across Aarhus University have worked closely together to revitalise the shared website for students,, and now the entire teaching staff at Aarhus University is encouraged to spread the word about the website. – one point of access for all students

The website contains tips on how to cope with student life, as well as a long list of references to guidance options, both within and outside of Aarhus University. The website presents a number of step-by-step tools meant to encourage students to work on different topics such as study groups, stress management, study planning etc.

The website was created based on AU’s Study Environment Survey 2014 as well as the ongoing implementation of the study progress reform at AU. is therefore a result of the university placing its students’ well-being and study skills on the agenda.

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