IT security threat against Apple devices - update your iPhone and iPad immediately

If you use an iPhone or other Apple products for work, update your Apple devices to the latest version of iOS immediately to avoid a serious security breach. DKCERT and the Centre for Cyber Security have just warned all Danish universities about this new IT security threat.

DKCERT, which monitors digital threats to universities in Denmark, has reported a critical vulnerability in Apple products that can be used to spread malware to systems and networks. All staff with iPhones and iPhones must immediately update their devices to the latest software version, iOS 15.3.1, to address this critical security issue. Updating the software will prevent hackers from exploiting the vulnerability.

 This is a very serious threat, and all Apple users should take action immediately, says Thomas Kaaber, head of security at Aarhus University.

“All staff who use iPhones or iPads for work purposes should install the latest update immediately. It only take a few minutes, and it will minimise the risk of hacker attacks.”

How to update your iPhone or iPad

If you don’t update your device, there is a risk that a virus will infect it that may also attack AU’s network. Thomas Kaaber stresses that no cyberattacks have been identified yet. Staff are being urged to update their devices immediately in order to prevent such attacks.