The partial hiring freeze will continue through February

The partial hiring freeze currently in effect at Aarhus University has been extended through February 2023. This was decided by the senior management team after discussions in the Main Liaison Committee.

Photo: Roar Lava Paaske

High energy prices, a fall in student admissions and losses on financial items mean that Aarhus University will exit 2022 with a significant deficit, and that the university’s budget for 2023 will be tight.

In order to offset the consequences of the university’s financial situation, after discussions in the Main Liaison Committee, the senior management team has decided to extend the current partial hiring freeze through February 2023.

The extension of the hiring freeze will contribute to efforts currently ongoing at the the departments and schools and in the administration to reduce costs and exercise tight budgetary control going forward.

The partial hiring freeze came into effect on 1 September this year. The senior management team announced at that time that the possibility of an extension would be reviewed at year end.

The partial hiring freeze will continue on the same terms as hitherto: it applies in principle to all administrative and academic positions, although exceptions are possible, for example in the case of positions of critical importance and positions that are fully financed by external funders.