The acronym LEA is no more

Until now, the administration’s leadership team has been commonly referred to as ‘LEA’, which stands for ‘Ledelseskredsen i Enhedsadministrationen’ (literally, ‘the circle of managers in the unified administration’). The Danish name has been changed, which means this acronym will no longer be used.

The name has been changed to ‘Administrationsledelsen’ (literally, the ‘administration’s management’). This change will not affect the English name, which is still ‘the Administration’s Management Team’. The Danish name has been changed to better reflect the composition and mandate of the body. The name also aligns better with the names of other governing bodies at AU, including the Senior Management Team.

This is a change in (Danish) name only: the Administration’s Management Team is still comprised of AU's six deputy directors, four heads of administration, one deputy head of administration and the Rector’s Office chief of staff,  chaired by the university director.