Mandate for the analysis of internal problems now in place

The analysis of internal organisational problems can begin now: the expert group headed by Professor Torben M Andersen has just been given the mandate that will frame the analysis. An internal analysis panel drafted the mandate in cooperation with the senior management team.

The analysis panel is satisfied with the final version of the mandate. Photo: Colourbox

The mandate that sets out the framework for the expert group’s analysis was developed in collaboration with the senior management team by the special internal analysis panel and representatives from the academic councils, the Main Liaison Committee, the students and the administration.

The analysis will focus on the organisational and administrative challenges the university faces. The analysis will centre on three problem areas identified in the mandate: accessible management, employee and student involvement, and administrative support.

"In the analysis panel,  we’ve made every effort to include the problems that colleagues and employees throughout the organisation have pointed out. The expert group has a very broad mandate for its work. And it’s free to choose its own methods and to identify and involve the necessary expertise at the university to carry out the analysis,” explains Professor Jørn Flohr Nielsen, chairman of the analysis panel.

The goal is to produce an analysis with broad applicability that provides a well-documented description of the most significant problems.

The process of drafting the mandate has taken more time than anticipated.

“We’ve taken the time that was necessary to draft a mandate in cooperation with the senior management team, and we’re satisfied with the result,” says Nielsen.

Facts about the process

In the coming months, the expert group will carry out a range of analyses and focus group interviews with a variety of managers, employees and students. The group will also carry out a survey among staff and students and visit selected departments.

The expert group emphasises the importance of an open evaluation process, and all are welcome to contribute their viewpoints and input. Send your contribution to

The expert group’s analysis will result in a report that will be commented on by the analysis panel. The report is scheduled for completion in June.

Before making any decisions on important changes as a result of the analysis, the senior management team will carry out an internal consultation at the university.