Milestone in institutional accreditation

Aarhus University has just submitted the so-called self-evaluation report to the Danish Accreditation Institution. An important milestone has thus been reached in our efforts to obtain institutional accreditation.

The self-evaluation report describes and documents AU’s quality assurance work and quality assurance system – among other things based on specific cases from the university’s academic environments.

Coordinated by the pro-rector, the report has been prepared jointly by AU Student Administration and Services and the Committee on Education, involving also the faculties’ educational organisations.

The next step in the process is a visit to AU in the beginning of June by the panel of experts who will submit the final recommendation to the Accreditation Council. The visit is the first of two site visits during which the panel will take an in-depth look at selected aspects of the university’s quality assurance system and, among other things, interview employees and students.

There are three possible outcomes: A positive decision means that AU can establish new degree programmes and course offerings once they have been prequalified. A conditional accreditation means that follow-up is necessary in certain areas where procedures have been shown to be less well-functioning, and that all new degree programmes and courses must still be accredited. A refusal means that the institution must not establish new degree programmes and course offerings, and that existing degree programmes must still be accredited in accordance with a rota plan. 

A final decision is expected in June 2017.

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