New governance model for projects to ensure better use of resources

The right prioritisation of resources for the many digitisation initiatives is essential in order to ensure that AU focuses on the projects which benefit the university the most. A new joint governance model for projects in the administration will support the management when making these decisions.

How does the management at AU decide which digitisation projects to carry out? What is required for AU to carry out the projects in the right way? How is the transition from project to operation controlled?

In order to be able to answer these questions in the best possible way, LEA (the administration’s management team) has decided to introduce a joint governance model for all projects in the administration which may involve AU IT,  i.e. digitisation projects which in some way require IT resources in order to be completed, the responsible project manager is, however, not always part of AU IT.

The joint governance model provides the overall framework for prioritisation of projects in the administration which involve AU IT. In addition, the model contains:

  • Information about status reporting and decisions concerning methods.
  • A joint project model and a toolbox with templates and checklists which must be used by the project managers.

Read more about prioritisation of IT projects.

Support for project managers

AU IT will support LEA in implementing and maintaining the governance model.

Projects which involve AU IT will be subjected to the joint governance model on an ongoing basis. Before a specific project is subjected to the new joint model, AU IT will make sure that the project manager in question feels fully prepared to work with the model. AU IT also offers support during the project, if any questions about the governance model arise.

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