New deputy director with strong background in estates management

On 1 September, Kirsten Andersen will begin as the new deputy director of AU Estates Projects and Development. She brings with her extensive experience in the area, both from the private and the public sector.

When Kirsten Andersen starts her job as deputy director of AU Estates Projects and Development in September, Aarhus University will be gaining an experienced senior manager who has worked in the area of estates in municipalities, a consultancy firm, and the Danish Defence.

Kirsten Andersen is currently division manager for the facilities and properties division of Skanderborg Municipality, where she is responsible for ensuring cross-disciplinary collaboration on current and new construction projects, serving on political committees, and managing the operation and maintenance of the municipality’s total building stock – focusing on sustainability and energy optimisation. Kirsten Andersen has been head of section in the consultancy firm Geopartner and has held managerial positions in the estates departments in both Holstebro and Herning municipalities. She has also been an estates manager in Jyske Bank, an estates advisor in Viborg County, and a project manager in the estates section of the Danish Defence. She has an educational background in civil and structural engineering.

University director Kristian Thorn highlights Kirsten Andersen’s combination of managerial experience and in-depth knowledge of the estates area.

“With Kirsten Andersen, the university is gaining a deputy director with a strategic overview of how to lead in a rapidly developing area as well as considerable experience organising and running sustainable building operations in complex organisations – in both the private and the public sector. Kirsten Andersen also demonstrates an enthusiasm for and appraoch to leadership and collaboration that I believe will be of great value to her employees, fellow managers and external partners”, says Kristian Thorn.

Kirsten Andersen’s expertise, collaboration skills and management experience will certainly prove vital now that she has to steer the direction of AU’s estates projects and development – so that AU’s premises continue to provide attractive work and study environments and support the university’s strategy for campus development, in particular Campus 2.0. One of her most important jobs will be to ensure collaboration across AU’s estate teams and faculties, and, among other things, to make sure that the space and technology at the university’s disposal is put to its most efficient and sustainable use.

Kirsten Andersen is looking forward to working together to further develop the university’s premises.

“It’s exciting to be responsible for the development and operation of Aarhus University’s beautiful buildings and surroundings, which help to create a vibrant, engaging and innovating study and research environment. I am looking forward to being a catalyst for further development in the estates area, where collaborative decisions and priorities made across teams benefit the university as a whole. And where sustainability and climate-friendly solutions are constant guiding principles”, says Kirsten Andersen.

Kirsten Andersen lives with her husband in Viborg and has two adult children.