New staff websites on the way: get a sneak peek at the new design

AU is replacing the Pure personal websites for staff with a more up-to-date design. The new version of the personal websites will be launched soon, and you can get sneak peek at the new design now.

In a short while you will get acess to you new staff website, but you can catch a glimpse of it here. Photo: Colourbox

Please note: This article has been updated 11. October: New lauchtime is week 48 and not week 44 as previously posted.

Many staff at AU use their personal Pure websites to present their work and interests to stakeholders and collaborators both in Denmark and abroad. But the present solutions is dated and difficult to edit.

The new version of the personal staff websites have been completely redesigned and feature a new quick editor feature that makes it quick and easy to update your page. You’ll also be able to personalise som features of your page.

The new design will be rolled out in week 48. Here’s what it will look like:

New mandatory text fields about your work

The staff websites are a display window for AU that gives the outside world insight into the work performed by the university’s academic and technical/administrative staff. For this reason, all staff will be required to provide up-to-date information about their activities on their pages in text fields.

You’ll receive more information about what text fields you need to fill out and how to do so shortly before the launch.

As a general rule, staff will also be required to include a photo, their email and their work telephone number, although there may be circumstances in which staff do not make their contact information public. Individual units may also have additional guidelines and expectations about what staff should include on their personal webpages. Your manager will inform you of any requirements of this kind.

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Highlight your skills and expertise

The new staff websites make it easier to highlight your job responsibilities and areas of expertise for visitors to your site. For example, you can add keywords describing your research field or job responsibilities.

Academic staff members will be able to choose keywords describing: 

  • Your field
  • Your research
  • Your degree programme
  • Your consultancy

The latter is relevant to staff who provides research-based public sector consultancy to national authorities and other units with public sector consultancy to national authorities.

Administrative/technical staff members can describe their job responsibilities and any collaborations they are involved in.


The new personal staff websites were designed by a broadly representative working group including both academic and administrative staff.

AU IT was responsible for the technical aspects of the project.

The project was approved by the senior management team.