New online portal to support quality assurance work at AU

A new online quality assurance portal will make it easier for everyone involved in education at AU to find information about quality assurance processes at both university and faculty level.

At Aarhus University, quality assurance work is carried out continuously and systematically. The new portal will support this work. Photo: Foto: Anders Trærup

Everyone involved in education at Aarhus University will now have a better tool at their disposal – whether they are an employee or an external partner. A new online portal will give a single point of access to all the relevant information about quality assurance work at AU, which will make it easier to get an overview of different processes at both university and faculty level.

The new portal is based on AU’s quality assurance policy for education, which provides a shared and value-based sense of direction for quality assurance work across the university. It will replace the existing quality assurance portal and will focus on creating even more cohesion between cross-faculty and local processes. It contains information about university-wide quality assurance work as well as integrated pages for each faculty, which expand on local quality assurance processes and initiatives with reference to AU’s joint policy.

Pro-rector Berit Eika and AU’s Committee on Education were behind the decision to create the new portal, and Berit Eika is pleased that it is now being launched.

“At Aarhus University, quality assurance work takes place on many organisational levels, but always with the same objective: to ensure that our degree programmes provide academic excellence and an engaging learning environment for the benefit of students and society. I hope that the new quality assurance portal can support this objective,” she says.

Director of studies for the Msc in Business Economics and Auditing, Frank Thinggaard, was involved in developing the new portal and highlights some of its many advantages:

“The new portal gives both internal and external users a good overview of who is involved in the quality assurance system and what role they have. The portal is structured according to the sub-policies in AU’s quality assurance policy, which makes it easy to navigate, and the sub-sections under each sub-policy help to specify what each faculty understands by the individual policies,” he says.

The new portal has been developed by a cross-disciplinary working group with representatives from the faculties and Educational Development and Analysis – with broad involvement from employees across the university. The portal is in Danish, but it is expected to be available in an English version by summer 2023.