New ‘partner house’ on campus for collaboration partners

In 2025, a new partner house for SMEs and organisations and foundations that collaborate with Aarhus University will open its doors in the University City – bringing external partners even closer to the university’s research and knowledge.

The partner house will be located in building 1850 at the northern end of the University City. Approx. 10,000 m2 will be dedicated to Aarhus University’s collaboration partners.

In 2025, a new partner house for the university’s collaboration partners will open its doors in the University City in Aarhus. With this initiative, Aarhus University and Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S (FEAS) will create a hub for for innovation, creativity and production with business facilities, entrepreneurial companies and workshops. The users of the house will be SMEs, foundations, organisations and startups that collaborate with Aarhus University. The idea is that users will be able to rent space, but it will also be a meeting place where facilities can be used for a fee.

This will strengthen the university’s relations to important collaboration partners, and it will contribute to business development, says rector at Aarhus University, Brian Bech Nielsen:

“By creating more business facilities on campus, we’re also creating a place that provides the optimal framework for development and stronger external collaboration, and a place where especially small and medium-sized knowledge-intensive companies can enjoy more interaction with the university and help to put our research to use. So I hope that many of our collaboration partners will make use of this unique opportunity to establish a presence at the heart of AU, right on campus.”

Meeting place for entrepreneurship and spinouts

Even though the new house won’t open until 2025,hopes for coming collaborations are already high. Lone Ryg Olsen, director of Enterprise and Innovation at AU, is particularly optimistic: she anticipates close collaboration between the partner house and AU’s entrepreneurship hub, The Kitchen, which will be its neighbour.

“With a partner house and an entrepreneurial hub on either side of the University City’s main street, we’re creating a meeting place for entrepreneurship, spinout-companies, new partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaboration. At the same time, we’re creating a smooth transition and connection from students and researchers in The Kitchen to entrepreneurial companies and to established businesses,” says Lone Ryg Olsen.

A vibrant campus

FEAS owns the buildings in the University City, and according to Director Jørgen Lang, the partner house is one step on the path to realising the overall vision for the development of the University City.

“By dedicating about 10,000 m2 to business facilities, we’re establishing a creative hub and some shared facilities that will encourage networking and collaboration across the university. At the same time, we’re working to flesh out the vision of a vibrant University City that includes education, research, housing, business and urban life,” says Jørgen Lang.

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Functions in the new partner house

The 10,000 m2 space the university’s collaboration partners will be divided into three areas:

  • Approx. 7,000 m2 will be dedicated to business facilities such as R&D units from larger companies, organisations, foundations and smaller companies, all of whom involved in collaboration with Aarhus University.
  • Approx. 2,300 m2 will be dedicated to Level 2 – small startups companies that are almost able to stand on their own, but which still require a helping hand and a network.
  • Finally, 1,200 m2 will be earmarked for makerspace activities – a space offers workshops where it is possible to work with innovation, creativity and production.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact programme director for the physical development of AU’s campus, Campus 2.0, Charlotte Lyngholm Bom at